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Other spelling: El-Obeid
Arabic: 'al-'ubayid

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Al-Obayyid, Sudan

City in central Sudan with 430,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), capital of North Kordofan state with 2.9 million inhabitants (2009 estimate) and an area of 220,000 km².
It is at an elevation of 570 metres, on a sandy, scrub-covered plateau, but here are also wide forests.
Local economy is based on trade for the region, especially in Gum arabic, millet, oilseeds and livestock.
It is an important transportation hub, connecting to the Khartoum-Nyala railway, and at the beginning of several roads and caravan routes into the west and south of Sudan. There is also a domestic airport here. Muslim pilgrim routes from Nigeria and other nearby countries pass by Al-Ubayyid, heading for Mecca.
The University of Kordofan was established here in 1990.
The majority of the population are Muslims, with a Christian minority.

1821: Is founded by as an administrative centre by the pashas of Ottoman Egypt. It develops into becoming the second largest town of Sudan.
1883: El Mahdi secures control over Al-Ubayyid, where after his road to Khartoum was open.
1898: British defeat the Mahdists, and Al-Ubayyid is rebuilt.

By Tore Kjeilen