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Yarmuk River
Arabic: nahr 'al-yarmūk or just 'al-yarmūk
Hebrew: nahar ha-yarmuk

Yarmuk river, here with one of the single bridges built across it. Today this is a no-go part of the border between Jordan and Syria.
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River between Syria and Jordan, 80 km long along the river bank, 32 km in the shortest line. It is a tributary to the Jordan River. Along the last 23 km of its length, the river forms the border between Israel/Palestine and Jordan.
The Yarmuk begins on a lava plateau in Syria, and cuts through lava surface over a limestone plateau. The climate around the river is average for Syria and Jordan, and the vegetation is dominated by short grass and shrub.
The river was the ground for a very important battle for control over Palestine, where the Muslim Arabs defeated the Byzantines in 636. With this, control was secured over the region, including Jerusalem.
Water from the Yarmuk is used for irrigation of the part of the Jordan River valley which is under Jordan's control.

By Tore Kjeilen