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1. House of Mizouni

2. House of Amasyali

3. Mill of Abu Shahin

4. Ramadan House

5. Thabet House

6. Al-Mahali Mosque

7. Muallaqa Mosque

8. Fishing boats on Nile


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House of Mizouni

House of Mizouni, Rosetta, Egypt

The finest interior of any of the houses is the one of Mizouni (this is not mentioned in neither Lonely Planet or Rough Guide, so ask officials in front of any other house for directions), dating back to 1740. It is twinned with the younger Galal House, but this is closed to visitors.
The house of Mizouni rises 5 stories above ground, and is among the tallest of its kind. The three main stories are quite similar in design, all with living room/reception room facing north, and smaller rooms around a small courtyard. There are many fine wooden details here, but nothing in colour.
Climbing all the way up to the top, you end in a terrace with walls so tall that nobody could look in or out.
House of Mizouni, Rosetta, Egypt

House of Mizouni, Rosetta, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen