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Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh

1. Na'ama Bay

2. Central Sharm

3. Shark's Bay

4. Ras Um Sid

5. Old Market

6. Water Sports

7. Diving & Snorkelling

8. Shopping

9. White Lagoon


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Old Market

Old market, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Old market, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

The so-called old market, is really a rather new market placed in the area of old Sharm el-Sheikh. Still, the houses here were built a few decades ago, and correspond to the typical style of Egypt. The whole thing is far more genuine than what you may expect at a design-made tourist resort like Sharm el-Sheikh.
The products on sale here, are exactly the same as elsewhere in Egypt, and you will have to look hard and long to locate local handicrafts. On the good side, prices seem to be quite moderate, but new tourists often pay 5-10 times the normal price for their souvenirs.
Old market, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen