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Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh

1. Na'ama Bay

2. Central Sharm

3. Shark's Bay

4. Ras Um Sid

5. Old Market

6. Water Sports

7. Diving & Snorkelling

8. Shopping

9. White Lagoon


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Diving & Snorkelling

Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

In Sharm el-Sheikh, both diving and snorkelling can be rewarding just by stepping out from the beach. There are great reefs in Na'ama Bay, Ras Um Sid and Shark's Bay. But you will soon see plenty of offers for short or long excursions. Not only does this offer variation, but also experiences that should not be missed.
When joining some of the joint diving and snorkelling excursions, note that the value for snorkellers can sometimes be limited.
Many visitors to Sharm el-Sheikh take dive courses while down here. The quality of the courses vary somewhat, but many are of good quality. For many foreigners, prices are attractive, but not for all. Western countries with many dive centres, often offer better prices as well as better preparation for cold-water diving.
Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen