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Below the tajine mountain

Agdz, Morocco

Agdz, Morocco

Agdz, Morocco

The town of Agdz is relatively modest, but the palmery and the backdrop of the Jebel Kissane is not. Should you decide to stop here, the two most common things are to shop around the many roadside shops or head out into the palmery.
If the water is low, you can cross the river and walk between and even inside a handful of kasbahs.

Agdz hotels

Camping Kasbah de la Palmerie Primarily a camping ground. (t. 044 843640) Good value for money
Draa (t. 044 843153) Good value for money
des Palmiers (t. 044 843127) Good value for money

Kissane (t. 044 843044) Good value for money
Tansifte 4 km out of town, price included full board. (t. 044 341056) Good value for money

One fine hotel also in Tamnougalt, 6 km southeast.

Hotels and alternatives
There hotels, all of good value. Two are cheap but nice enough, the third is medium class but attractive. For those on a tight budget, or perhaps just in search of being close to nature, there are twi campsites a couple km out of town (too long to walk, take a taxi). Camping Kasbah de la Palmerie is the finest, while the Camping Caravane Targui (No phone) has a beautful location next to the palmery that may make up for the lack of electricity and hot water.

Restaurants and alternatives
Restaurants in the hotels, as well as a couple of independent restaurants.


Change Money
At last check, no banks. Stock up with dirhams in Ouarzazate or Zagora.

Easy to get to, either with morning buses, or with grand taxis. Harder to get from, as the buses passing through are often full. Grand taxis are then the only alternative, but even these can be unreliable as they take long time to fill up.

Do not swim or wade in the river, as it carries bilharzia larvas.

By Tore Kjeilen