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1. Crazy Italian dream

2. Hustlers invite you for tea

3. Peaceful walk between the creeks


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Hustlers' valley

Asni is a village right on the foot of the High Atlas Mountains. The setting is quite dramatic, with good views to the Toubkal Mountain, the highest in North Africa. Asni is not really a village, more than a cluster of villages spread around the river valley of Moulay Brahim.

Asni, Morocco

Tribal rules still have a great impact on lives here, and even if people are free to walk around the whole valley, social contacts, and marriage is never done without thinking about who you are and who you deal with. Asni can be darned cold in winter, and a pleasant hideout in summer, and it also serves as a possible starting point for trekking in the mountains. But the real place to start doing this, is Imlil, 40 km south.
Why do I call Asni "hustlers' village"? Well, if you read this story, and remember that what we experienced was not a rare incident, you might understand.
Further reading on this region see Toubkal Massif.

By Tore Kjeilen