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1. Amphitheatre, baths

2. The acropolis

3. The Christian basilica

4. The garum factories

5. View of the Loukkos


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Lonely Roman ruins

Few other Roman ruins in North Africa have a more picturesque setting than Lixus: The wide Loukkos river meanders through the open fields beneath the hill of Lixus with plenty of space for both sunrise and sunset.

Lixus, Morocco

The Lixus ruins has one more surprise to its visitors: there are no guards here, an nobody neither charge you for entering nor stop you from destroying. The latter is the largest problem, as local kids use the ruins as a play ground. And that is the reason why the earlier complete Mosaic of the Sea God (as shown in Everyman Guide and Blue Guide) now have the face of Neptune hacked out.

Lixus, Morocco

The ruins offer a tremendous experience, as there is a very good chance that you will have it all to yourself. Walking around the area without the nuisance of tourist crowds gives you a very direct experience to the history of the ancient settlement.

By Tore Kjeilen