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1. The Kasbah

2. Palace of Glaoui

3. Streets of the kasbah

4. Sunset

5. Nearby landscape


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Ouarzazate hotels

Atlas (t. 044 887745) Good value for money
Baba (t. 044 882532) Good value for money
Bab Sahara (t. 044 884722) Good value for money
al-Waha (t. 044 886666) Good value for money
Royal (t. 044882258 ) Excellent value for money

Amlal (t. 044 884030) Good value for money
Auberge de la Rose Noir Inside the kasbah. (t. 044 886067) Excellent value for money
de la Gazelle (t. 044 882151) Good value for money
Saghro Swimming pool (t. 044 854135) Excellent value for money
de la Vallee Swimming pool (t. 044 854034) Good value for money
Zahir (t. 044 885740)

Draa Swimming pool (t. 044 854761) Good value for money
Oscar Salam Swimming pool (t. 044 882166) Good value for money

la Perle du Sud Swimming pool (t. 044 888640) Excellent value for money

Dar Daif Swimming pool (t. 044 854232) Good value for money
Dar Kamar (t. 044 888733) Excellent value for money
Karam Palace Swimming pool (t. 044 882225) Good value for money
Kenzi Anghor Swimming pool (t. 044 886501) Good value for money
Riad Salam Swimming pool (t. 044 883335) Good value for money

Le Meridien Berbere Palace Swimming pool (t. 044 883105) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Ouarzazate has plenty of hotels, covering all price ranges. And even better, this must be the one place in Morocco where booking ahead is completely unnecessary. There is an disproportionate number of top-end hotels here, but while these never are full, they seldom cut their prices.
During the winter season, remember to ask for extra blankets, as temperatures fall quickly after sunset.

Restaurants and alternatives
Outside the hotels, Ouarzazate offers little in terms of restaurants, and what there is is quite uninspired. For anyone who have already discovered how great Moroccan fast food can be, look out for food stalls in the town market.

Ouarzazate has a public swimming pool which summer tourists will have good use from. In Ouarzazate you can also hire bikes, such as mountain bikes.

If there are enough tourists in Ouarzazate some of the better hotels can offer some night life. If there are too few, all that is offered are drinks in the bar.

Change Money
All necessary banks, most better hotels change money too.

Excellent connections with every possible destination with either bus or taxi. Ouarzazate has also an airport, which has flights (2-3 per week) for Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakech as well as Paris in France.

By Tore Kjeilen