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Hippie village

Taghazoute, Morocco

Taghazoute, Morocco

Taghazoute, Morocco

Just some few kilometres north of Agadir, easily accessible with bus or taxi, lies the almost remote fisher village of Taghazoute. Even if there always are a handful of tourists here, or more precisely pseudo hippies, and even if there is a beach polluted by caravan tourism (caravans are ridiculous in a country like Morocco: affordable hotels everywhere) just south of it, Taghazoute still lives according to its own agenda. While the type of tourism acted out here is completely off the resort-beach-and-party style, Taghazoute is increasingly stumbling in its own stereotypes. The next restaurant with owner chatting with all guests, should not be permitted to play Bob Marley all day long, if you know what I mean.

Tourists only using Agadir for relaxation should at least offer themselves the chance of taking a glance at sweet traditional Moroccan life styles, preserved in Taghazoute. This place is much like Agadir was before the earthquake, but on a small and lucid scale.
In Taghazoute, all people wear traditional clothes, wooden boats lie on the shore, painted with colourful patterns, fishermen mend their fishing nets, people live in their simplistic white houses with doors of many colours and intricate patterns. Yet, locals seem completely relaxed about all these strange people walking around their streets who take snap shots of every house corner, and even of locals when the photographer thinks himself unseen.

Taghazoute, Morocco

Taghazoute hotels

Auberge Taghazout (t. 048 833588) Good value for money

Residence Amouage (t. 048 200006) OK value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Apart from the one self-catering hotel, many rent a room with a local family. Prices tend to be high for the very basic comfort (no running water), so you really pay the extra for charm and atmosphere.
A mediocre camping ground lies near the southern beach (t. 048 200153). Normal prices.

Restaurants and alternatives
Quite good on food, the cafés are since long used to handle the needs of tourists, and they do this without hamburgers and sauerkraut.

Change Money
No banks, head for Agadir.

Buses and taxis, mostly towards Agadir, but connections north to Eassaouira should not represent a big obstacle.

By Tore Kjeilen