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Getting there: Ceuta

Ceuta is preferred to Tangier by many travellers coming from southern Spain (especially Algeciras). There are a number of reasons. First is that the crossing is about half of the one going to Tangier. Second is that there is slightly less hassle for travellers bringing in vehicles, as well as just getting past the border controls. But in this respect the authorities on Moroccan side, are more and more slowing down the process, and right now it appears to bit very little to gain. Third, is that the introduction to Morocco is better coming this way: The hustlers of Tangier port are the only hustlers out of control of the authorities, and they can be just as unpleasant as ever. This is no longer the case with Tetouan, the first serious destination for anyone crossing the border out from Ceuta town.
But Ceuta is also a destination by itself, and is worth the detour. Costs are at the present around US$22 for one crossing, and you can choose between the fast ferry or the old, but cheaper one. The fast ferry does the journey in less than an hour (advertised crossing time is half an hour), but where it really pays off is in terms of delays: The old ferry often leaves an hour later than schedule.

Introduction to Ceuta

By Tore Kjeilen