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Getting there: Laayoune

People visiting the Canary Islands can go to Morocco by bi-weekly flights between Laayoune and Las Palmas. Prices are quite affordable at 1300 dh one way. Leaving and disembarking on Laayoune is easy. Your passport will be zealously checked, but as long as your papers are OK, officials here will demonstrate how happy they are to receive foreign visitors. Laayoune is a no-hustle town, and since the airport of Laayoune is almost in town centre, even the taxi drive from the airport should not very expensive.
Distances have a different meaning down here, and there is no way you will be spending the first night out of Laayoune. And you might spend the next day here as well, as the city is nice, but nothing close to what Moroccans that never have visited it, believe.

Introduction to Laayoune

By Tore Kjeilen