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Playing golf in Morocco

Morocco can be an excellent option for anyone who wants to play golf both in summer and all through winter. Morocco has 8 courses, where 8 are set along the Atlantic coast between Agadir and Tangier. The 9th is right outside Marrakech.

Two courses, one 9-hole, and one 18-hole.
9-hole course, 10 km west of centre of Casablanca.
North of the city, at Haouzia, is a 18-hole course.
The 18-hole course Royal Golf of Marrakech lies 4 km from town centre. It has been located to an area with great views over the Atlas Mountains.
18-hole course, located near the seashore, to the south of Mohammedia, though people from Casablanca (25 km south) are among its most frequent guests.
14 km south of Rabat, at Dar Es Salam, lies the largest golf course of Morocco, with 45 holes. It is made up of two 18-hole courses, and one 9-hole course. It is open all days except Mondays. The fee is around 200 dh/day.
The Royal Country Club of Tangier has its 18-hole golf course 20 km southwest of the city. It is Morocco's oldest golf course, dating back to 1917.
9-hole course at Cabo Negro, 15 km northeast of town. Noted for its beautiful views over the Mediterranean Sea.

By Tore Kjeilen