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Skiing in Morocco

Yes, it is true. You can ski down snowcapped mountains in this country. Perhaps not just like the Alps, but it is quite good. Services work well, and your only worry is that the snow layer could be waring thin on the day you are there. Or even that there has been no snow even long after the official beginning of the season.
Oukaïmeden, 1.5 hours south of Marrakech is normally considered as the best resort, and has the longest season (Nov-Apr), but Ifrane (Dec-Mar), near Fez is preferred by many Moroccans, much because of the attractive architecture.
Morocco has a third resort, this one in the Rif Mountains, near Ketama. The slopes of Mount Tidghine are equipped with one ski-lift, and a hotel has found its place between the cedar trees of the area.
Prices might be a little elevated compared to what you pay for everything else in Morocco, but are still highly competitive compared to Europe.

By Tore Kjeilen