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1. Visas & Passports

2. Getting there
Casablanca | Agadir
Marrakech | Tangier
Ceuta | Figuig
La Gouera | Laayoune
Melilla | Oujda

3. Getting around

4. Distance finder

5. Eating & sleeping

6. About Hotels

7. Costs

8. Health

9. Safety

10. Climate

11. Communications

12. Shopping

13. Playing golf

14. Skiing

15. Travel costs

16. Which holiday?

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Eating & sleeping

Finding a place to stay for the night, or somewhere to eat, is easy all over Morocco. And there are surprisingly many places offering opportunities for both budgeteers and people with more money to spend. The cost is often reflecting the quality, even if places like Casablanca, Marrakech, and Agadir often are more expensive than smaller spots. Budgeteers can expect to pay from 40 dh and up for quite good quality hotel beds. Eating can be done at a low 20- 30 dh for a three course meal. But if you can afford it, luxury is available at European prices.

By Tore Kjeilen