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1. Visas & Passports

2. Getting there
Casablanca | Agadir
Marrakech | Tangier
Ceuta | Figuig
La Gouera | Laayoune
Melilla | Oujda

3. Getting around

4. Distance finder

5. Eating & sleeping

6. About Hotels

7. Costs

8. Health

9. Safety

10. Climate

11. Communications

12. Shopping

13. Playing golf

14. Skiing

15. Travel costs

16. Which holiday?

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There are normally no vaccinations needed when going to Morocco. But there can be dagner of exposure to typhus, cholera, tetanus, and polio, but Morocco is not hard struck by this. Malaria can be a problem in the south during the summer, but the vaccination against this is infamously unpleasant. Schistosoma (bilharzia) is present in some rivers and pools, but the chance is that you don't get infected. Most locals will be able to tell you about any dangers, if you plan to go swimming.

By Tore Kjeilen