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Hotel listings with LookLex are intended to be quick overviews for the different destinations. Hopefully, many travellers will make print-outs to bring along their independent travels in Morocco. As hotels may change prices any time, and even operate with great seasonal variations, we avoid quoting prices. Rather we try and put each hotel into its correct price category. What each category means, how much about things cost, can be found from the menu to the left, or you simply press "Continue" at the bottom of this page.
Phone numbers contain local number and area code. When calling internationally, the 0 in front of the area code disappears. The country code for Morocco is 212. Many travellers using their mobile phones while in Morocco still have to dial as if calling from abroad; check information with your provider first, or simply try out either option while in Morocco.
We also indicate whether hotels have swimming pools.
Value for money is indicated by 4 classes, in the shape of smileys:

Poor value for money
Poor quality for money. Unless you have no choice, such hotels are simply to be avoided. Wrong pricing, filth, or lack of security are among the most common reasons to use this smiley.

OK value for money
OK quality for money. It may seem like a bad character to give a hotel, but staying here is generally of no problem. But, of course, should you find a room in a hotel with a better report, consider that first!

Good value for money
Good quality for money. Most hotels listed fall into this category. A "good" hotel may mean quite different things from place to place, ranging from "acceptable" to "very nice". Some hotels in this category may not be upped to "Excellent" due to the reporters personal preferences, while you may think differently.

Excellent value for money
Excellent quality for money. Many a good hotel does not make it to this category. Should you find a hotel in your price class with this smiley, it is usually very much worth checking out. What makes the smiley smile this much is usually charm, character and the unexpected little extra.

By Tore Kjeilen