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Hotels / Budget 1

This is the category of the cheapest hotels in Morocco and in almost all cases, only an option for travellers who just need a place to sleep. The good new is, of course, that you're in for a very cheap holiday. Hotels in this category cost generally less than 90dh for a single and 120dh for a double. Prices can go down far from that, and in a few cases, hotels can found at 20-30dh for a single and 30-40dh for a double.
Still, there are certain services you should expect to find in this category. The first is the most important: The place should be clean. In most cases this also applies, but the most common reason to put a grumpy smiley on a hotel of Budget 1 is when it is dirty. The other things to expect are safety and access to toilets and showers. The latter is usually shared in this price class.
Some places in Morocco has developed a certain tradition for attractive hotels in this price range. Chefchaouen is the best example. Here, Budget 1 hotels are the places where young people have the most fun, where there is most interaction between hotel guests and locals.
The jump up from Budget 1 to Budget 2 is often not a question of terribly much money, but it is generally worth it. Read more about what sets Budget 2 apart from Budget 1.

By Tore Kjeilen