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Hotels / Luxurious 5

Riad el Mezouar, Marrakech

Hotels in this category cost generally between 400dh and 1,000dh for a single and 420dh to 1,100dh for a double.
In this category, rooms and facilities in general should have many qualities of a luxury hotel. Nice rooms, good beds, private, nice baths and toilets is to be expected.
Still, this is an unreliable category in Morocco. Plenty of hotels suffer from poor finish, and many of these hotels lack warmth and passion from the people working there. Morocco is no exception from the third world problem that many workers in places like this start thinking that luxury comes automatically just by putting an extra star next to the hotel sign.
Swimming pool should be expected, as well as TV with good quality satellite channels. Few hotels still offer wireless Internet, but a few have Internet salons.
A great way of getting your money's worth in this category is seeking out traditional hotels, like riads and converted kasbahs. This is a type of accommodation of tradition, style and atmosphere. It means, usually, the sacrifice of some luxury excesses, but all your needs will be well attended. On the bad side, few such hotels have swimming pools.

By Tore Kjeilen