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Hottest place in Morocco?

Zagora, Morocco

Zagora, Morocco

Zagora, Morocco

Zagora is another of the cities in the south of Morocco that claims to be "the hottest place in Morocco". Zagora is not terribly different from any other place out here, despite being the largest city inside a radius of 150 km.
The mountain rising up behind town centre gives it a dramatic look, and is together with the touristic road sign saying that it is 52 days to Timbuktu, the most popular photograph souvenirs.

Zagora, Morocco

Zagora hotels

Chez Ali (t. 044 846258) Excellent value for money
la Rose des Sables (t. 044 847274) Good value for money
Vallee du Draa (t. 044 847210) Good value for money

la Palmeraie Swimming pool (t. 044 847008) Excellent value for money

Dar el Hiba 8 km north. (t. 044 847805) Excellent value for money
La Fibule du Draa Swimming pool (t. 044 847271) Good value for money
Kasbah Asmaa Swimming pool (t. 044 847599) Good value for money
Kasbah Tifawte (t. 044 848843) Excellent value for money
Sirocco Swimming pool (t. 044 846126) Good value for money
Territoires Sud (t. 044 226695) Good value for money
Zagour (t. 044 846178) OK value for money

Club Reda Swimming pool (t. 044 847012) Good value for money
Riad Lamane Swimming pool (t. 044 848389) Good value for money
Tinzouline Swimming pool (t. 044 847252) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Zagora has a very good offer of hotels in all price ranges. There is a handful of budget offers, and three 4/5-star hotels. Prices are at a normal Moroccan level.

Restaurants and alternatives
Beyond the restaurants which are found in most hotels, there is little in Zagora to make hungry travellers enthusiastic. But the hotel restaurants offer fairly interesting menus, good food and value for money.

There is a chance of finding activities in the larger hotels.

Change Money
Zagora has two banks, which offer normal services.

Good connections north, both by buses and taxis. In southern direction, there is far less to choose from, but there are two departures to M'hamid per day.

Zagora can be very hot during the day, but equally cold during night. Bring necessary clothes, perhaps a hat and sunglasses.

By Tore Kjeilen