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Ksar Ezzahra

Ksar Ezzahra

1. The inner square

2. Old men in safsaris


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Living village of ghurfas

View the panorama picture of the fantastic inner square of Ksar Ezzahra. CLICK HERE

Ksar Ezzahra is a treasure that is just opened up to travellers, since the road coming out here from Tataouine was paved just a few years ago. Still Ksar Ezzahra is holding up its old institutions, even if there is an alarmingly dominance of old people that live in the traditional quarters.

Ksar Ezzahra, Tunisia

Ksar Ezzahra is made up of two aquares surrounded by ghurfas of up to five floors. The first square is the least impressive, yet it is more in use, and has a quality of being a town square. The inner quarters is more like the typical grain storehouses, and not in use as dwellings.
Ksar Ezzahra shows good promises of remaining as it is now for a good number of years more. The interest of both tourists and Tunisian authorities will give the locals pride in their village, and yet there is a strong consciousness that tourism also can be destructive: A couple of years ago, when the new road opened, the locals voted against establishing a hotel and a café for tourists. They wanted their village to remain as it is. Let's hope they become successful in their endeavours.

By Tore Kjeilen