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1. Bourguiba's mausoleum

2. Ribat of cinema-Christ

3. The slick medina

4. Around the museum

5. The beach

6. The big mosques


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City of Bourguiba
If Bourguiba appears as a very modern and moderate leader from the books of history, Monastir is a proof how dead serious he actually took himself. Money that this country could have used so much better in other areas, have been put into making Monastir, the birthplace of Bourguiba, into his mausoleum. In the centre of town a grand cemetery ends in a domed palace-like structure, the place where Bourguiba has been put to rest. But the people of Monastir, and really not most Tunisians either, won't object. North Africans have learned to accept some extravagance from their leaders.

Monastir, Tunisia

When all this is said, the mausoleum and the arrangements inside the city itself, have a distinct artistic value, and keep up the traditional, complex and beautiful architecture of Tunisia. But sometimes the centre of Monastir tips over, and get a feeling of museum. Fortunately this impression is challenged by the old ribat (sufi centre) opposite the Bourguiba mausoleum. This ribat is an example of well conducted reconstruction, and it has an ancient atmosphere. It was even used as a part location for films like Life of Brian and Life of Christ. But if you came to Monastir to see the modern face of Tunisia, you shouldn't forget the marina, just 1000 metres from the mausoleum.

1. Monastir is the birth town of former president Habib Bourguiba.
2. The ribat near the sea has been used in a handful of international movies.
3. The medina of Monastir is different from any other medina in Tunisia.
4. A nice Islamic museum inside the ribat.
5. Monastir has a beautiful beach.

By Tore Kjeilen