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1. Bourguiba's mausoleum

2. Ribat of cinema-Christ

3. The slick medina

4. Around the museum

5. The beach

6. The big mosques


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Bourguiba's mausoleum
Monastir, Tunisia

As seen from the ribat: First the cemetery of the 12th century holy Sidi el Maziri, with his tomb to the left. Around him, hundreds of Muslim graves are found. And behind this, the fenced in mausoleum.

A gilded statue of Habib Bourguiba as a school boy is placed in a small park near the town hall.

The mausoleum of Bourguiba's family is an odd reminder of Tunisia's political system. Habib Bourguiba was the first president of Tunisia, and although he never was elected by the people in free elections, he is generally considered as the father of the modern nation.
Bourguiba died in 2000, and was buried here. Before him, his parents and his wife had both been lain to ground under one of the 2 green domes.
The mausoleum was started to be built in 1963, and has many similarities to the typical mosque and holy man's tomb (zawiyya). In addition to the 3 domes (2 green and one gilded), there are 2 minarets marking the entrance to the complex.
Monastir, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen