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1. Bourguiba's mausoleum

2. Ribat of cinema-Christ

3. The slick medina

4. Around the museum

5. The beach

6. The big mosques


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The slick medina
Monastir, Tunisia

Monastir, Tunisia

Monastir, Tunisia

Monastir was totally changed in the 1960's. Not only was the mausoleum of Bourguiba started, but there were major changed even to the medina. Large areas were torn down, and replaced with open streets, nice building with porticos.
Of the medina, only some few areas remain, and most of these are really swarmed with tourist stalls. The vendors have since long discovered that tourists prefer to shop in an oriental atmosphere.
Monastir, Tunisia

Some few places, the genuine medina of Monastir has survived. The claim to be Hard Rock Cafe (label next to door) is far-fetched.

By Tore Kjeilen