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1. The Corbeille

2. Walking the Corbeille

3. Domes of El Bayadha

4. Great mosque of Sidi Salem

5. Ouled Ech Cherif

6. Ez Zaouia

7. In the oasis


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Oasis of many tombs
Nefta, Tunisia

As Tozeur is a little bit shorter trip for most travellers, Nefta gets far less visitors than its neighbour city. Apart from that, the two settlements offer much the same: The same architecture and oases of about the same size. But there are things that keep Nefta distinct from Tozeur.
According to a local myth, Nefta was founded by a Kostel, grandson of Noah. After the Flood, he Nefta to settle when he discovered that this was the first place on earth were water boiled. No surprise then that Nefta is an important religious town, both in people's minds and with its many holy buildings.
The main religious movement in Nefta is Sufism, which often is labelled as a mystical orientation mainly within Sunni Islam. Nefta, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen