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1. The Corbeille

2. Walking the Corbeille

3. Domes of El Bayadha

4. Great mosque of Sidi Salem

5. Ouled Ech Cherif

6. Ez Zaouia

7. In the oasis


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The Corbeille
Nefta, Tunisia

The bathing pool at the beginning of the Corbeille. Note the

The gully cutting Nefta in two parts, gives the the town a dramatic setting. It is about 40 metres deep, and widens up to a maximum of 300 metres, before it narrows down to 20 metres before ending up in the oasis proper.
The corbeille seems to have inspired many pious men throuh the centuries and many white tombs (zawiyyas) have been put up next to it. Nefta has a status of holy city and a centre of Sufism (mystical subgroup in Islam).
In the northern end of the gully a pool has been built next to the hot spring, and serves as a bathing pool for both sexes with free entrance. Nefta, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen