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1. The Corbeille

2. Walking the Corbeille

3. Domes of El Bayadha

4. Great mosque of Sidi Salem

5. Ouled Ech Cherif

6. Ez Zaouia

7. In the oasis


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Domes of El Bayadha
Nefta, Tunisia

Nefta, Tunisia

Nefta, Tunisia

El Bayadha is the district of most religious buildings in Nefta. Most of them are zawiyyas, tombs for sacred men. Some zawiyyas also serve as mosques, and they are always places of special powers.
It must be location of El Bayadha which has made this the most sacred area in Nefta: Overlooking the sources of the oasis and beginning of its gardens in the Corbeille, it must have been an even more miraculous place in the past than it is now.

By Tore Kjeilen