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1. The Corbeille

2. Walking the Corbeille

3. Domes of El Bayadha

4. Great mosque of Sidi Salem

5. Ouled Ech Cherif

6. Ez Zaouia

7. In the oasis


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Ouled Ech Cherif
Nefta, Tunisia

Nefta, Tunisia

Nefta, Tunisia

Nefta, Tunisia

The area with the best preserved traditional houses is Ouled Ech Cherif, in the southeastern part of Nefta. It cannot really stand up to the traditional quarters of Tozeur, but some places there are still some very nice houses with elaborate brick patterns.
The overall style here is far simpler than that of Tozeur, although the same type of bricks have been used here. A common explanation to this is that the everyday house should not challenge the beauty of the religious houses, and Nefta has always been a more religious-oriented place than Tozeur.
To a larger extent than with Tozuer, white colour has been used, usually painted over the bricks. Another thing that is different is that doors here are far less decorated.
There is a private museum a bit to the south, called Dar Houidi, where you will have a chance to look inside one of the wealthier homes. It is unfortunately overpriced at 3TD.

By Tore Kjeilen