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1. The Corbeille

2. Walking the Corbeille

3. Domes of El Bayadha

4. Great mosque of Sidi Salem

5. Ouled Ech Cherif

6. Ez Zaouia

7. In the oasis


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In the oasis
Nefta, Tunisia

Nefta, Tunisia

One of the smaller marabouts of Nefta.

The oasis is made up of 300,000 date palms, where 70,000 are deglets, date palms of supreme quality. Water comes from 150 springs, and the setting is picturesque with all the narrow roads running through the groves, and is a perfect place for seeking refuge from the sun, if you make your visit during the summer.
Since the 1960's, the oasis has been irrigated atificially. Expansion programs involved drilling of wells, which then reduced pressure from the underground reservoirs, and drying out of the springs. So then, even more wells had to be constructed.

By Tore Kjeilen