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1. Ouled el Hadef

2. Doors and interiors

3. Marabout of Sidi Aguili

4. Shopping quarters

5. El Farkous Mosque

6. Dar Cherait Museum

7. The oasis

8. Village of Bled el-Haddar

9. Marabout of Sidi Bou Lifa

10. "Paradise" zoo and gardens

11. Weird Belvedere


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Marabout of Sidi Aguili
Tozeur, Tunisia

There is nothing special, historical or religiously, about the Marabout of Sidi Aguili. But its setting is ideal, right where where a water canal enters the oasis gardens, and with plenty of flower bushes in front. It is among the most popular postcard motifs from Tozeur.

By Tore Kjeilen